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Nice!! Only need a better controls.

i liked it

and then i put it in my video

first in a set of 999 i want to do


This is really cool! Even though the loss of control when you jump definitely got me killed a lot, I got used to it and it was so much more manageable than castlevania controls, also the fact that you didn't add knockback was smart


It's neat, but it could definitely use better controls. I'd advise making arrow keys work too, make it so you can jump with up, and make it so you don't lose control while jumping. Also, probably make space shoot.

Those are some really solid recos, thanks for taking the time!

Really fun retro style platformer. Keep up the good work! 

This is a really laid-back platforming experience. It definitely gives me old Amiga vibes. Can't wait for more! :D

Real nice, gotta be one of my favourite platformer games.

Such a nice retro-style game. All the aesthetics, sounds and the pain in the eyes after a 20 minutes of playing :D

Absolutely awesome :3

Keep going!


Fun game! Ending felt a bit anti-climatic, but I liked the level design. It feels nostalgic for some reason, like a better version of the browser platformer games I would play in my youth.


Really fun game with zx spectrum like aesthetic

Thanks for the kind word and for playing!!!


nice game ! dont like the control layout though ...

Yeah, it's hard to get a good keyboard layout for platformers, maybe i'll change it in an update!,
Thanks for taking your time and playing it!!!.

Arrow keys for movement and ZXC for jump, fire, and something else seems to be a very common and workable setup.

You can also provide re-bindable controls, which is not only good for matching preferences, but for making the game accessible to people with issues that require unusual control layouts.